Sharon Meader Albrecht

Sharon is the originator of InVision:
Mind Over Matter and cofounder of Atlantic Wellness Center in Essex, MA.

She has been in active practice in the Alternative Health field since 1975. She brings to her practice as a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner the wisdom acquired through her practice in Bon Buddhism, personal exploration in the study of Quantum Physics, an extensive background in hypnosis, including Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, and Guided Imagery. She is a long standing practitioner of the ancient healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and is a Mindfield Repatterning practitioner.

Sharon holds the title of 2nd degree black belt in Chung Moo Doe, sourced from the royal line of martial arts in China, along with multiple certifications in various mind/body healing modalities that have provided a deep understanding of the importance of the integration of all aspects of an individual in healing.

Through the InVision practice Sharon`s intention is to assist in supporting individuals who wish to live a Vision based experience of life. One that is sourced by and lived with inspired intention. A practice that will bring to light an awareness that we have choice in what the quality of our life experience will be rather than a life that is a reflection of habitual or indoctrinated beliefs that are unconsciously affecting us. Beliefs that are perceived as truths that create the conditions we are presently experiencing that may be inhibiting our quality of life.