Sharon Meader Albrecht`s broad and extensive training,impeccable integrity, deeply compassionate listening skills, life experience, high vibration, and intuition, all contribute to making her the most effective Transformational Coach I have come across in my 40 plus years as a Nurse Practitioner and Jin Shin Jyutsu Light Touch Energy Touch Clinician.

She has assisted me through difficult transitions in my personal life and has helped me enhance both my personal and professional life in ways I never thought possible.I am living my dreams!!

MS,ANP-BC,Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Sharon is wholeheartedly invested in her practice with the sole intention of helping others achieve their life goals while becoming the best version of themselves possible.This is evident through her years of experience and extensive knowledge base in the field. As my personal coach, she has touched my life tremendously by providing guidance,wisdom,and inspiration. Her kind, patient nature makes her easy to connect with on a personal level while bringing out the best in her clients throughout every step of the program.
Clinical Research Associate

Sharon is a gifted healer and facilitator of positive change in my life. I`ve seen her for Jin Shin Juytsu,and bodywork for many years.In her Mindfield Repatterning sessions, I have experienced personal TRANSFORMATION on an even higher level as she connects us both with guidance from a vast source of knowledge that goes beyond time. With great care and wisdom she systematically deciphers information, offering clear strategies for reframing your individual circumstances.Strategies which can be practically and seemlesly integrated IMMEDIATELY.

I have been a client of Sharon`s for the past 20 years. Our long standing relationship is the outcome of my deep trust in her skill along with her openness to supporting me in my physical, emotional, and spiritual journey...