Mindfield Repatterning

Consider the perspective that we are multidimensional beings. Comprised of a series of energetic systems, also referred to as bodies in the alternative healing field, that are labeled physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. The mental system is analogous in many ways to a computer. The subconscious aspect of the mind would be the hard drive,the conscious mind the information you are reading on the monitor screen, and the superconscious would be the internet.

MFR is a type of active dowsing or divination that provides the means in which outmoded programs in the hard drive can be identified and to deleted. Programs that potentially interfere with the input of new information. These programs or imprints directly effect the focus and attention required when using the mind as a tool to create an intended life experience. MFR clears the imprinting that is holding in place attachment to an undesirable life situation, old outmoded behaviors/emotional patterns, or potentially detrimental beliefs acting as inhibitors that are no longer serving a purpose. Through this process we restore our ability to freely direct our thoughts with focused attention, allowing the infinite intelligence, held within the Quantum Field, to respond accordingly. This intelligence is in fact continuously responding to thought patterns, most often unconscious, that may reflect itself as our life experience. MFR is an empowering tool that enhances our ability to take charge and directly create a preferred life experience.

Through MFR one is altering or changing the thought patterns that created the experience you want to change by removing the energetic patterns that are holding them in place. This is based on an understanding that the experience of life as we know it is simply a projection on the screen of consciousness. A focused attention of the mind held in place by the Quantum Field. Consciousness is a realm of thought existing on a different vibrational frequency than the physical plane.Thoughts directly effect energy and matter as described in the study of Quantum Physics. Active dowsing allows for the dismantling of the energetic particles holding matter together. MFR empowers us with the opportunity to change what we are experiencing by liberating the holding pattern or imprint held subconsciously that is resistant to change therefore enhancing our ability to live a life designed through inspired intention.