InVision Hypnosis is a synthesis of traditional hypnotic techniques and the common denominators found in many spiritual traditions. These traditions incorporate into their teaching the belief that we are essentially visionaries that are actively creating the reality we are experiencing. In this practice the imagination is intentionally cultivated to become an invaluable tool. Through focused intention, and controlled use of the imagination, the preferred life experience becomes our reality. You will find the theory of this practice is strongly suggested in the discoveries found in the science of Quantum Physics. Considering this possibility, we use Progressive Relaxation and Guided Imagery to intentionally reinvent our individualized expression of who we are and what we will experience in life. We learn to disengage from old outmoded forms of self expression and to let go of the fixed attention that may be perpetuating our undesired life experience.

In this process, applying the utmost level of discretion, we will initially discuss and expose the undesired conditions an individual is experiencing in a safe and compassionate manner. We will design an individual program to remove the imprints that are supporting underlying beliefs that have perpetuated undesirable behaviors, life situations, and conditions. We then assist in the redesigning of an individual's preferred expression that supports a desired end result. A new identity, if you will, that will inspire new thoughts and beliefs to support this preferred end result. This is done through a shift in perspective. An important component of this process is to remove the attention that may be fixed on an old way of being that may have left a subconscious imprint. Often these imprints or holding patterns are the root cause of why there is resistance to change. It is a means of deleting  old outmoded programs through Guided Imagery in the hard drive of the subconscious. We then support the installation of new programs that offer continued support in bringing into full expression the newly designed self expression and subsequent preferred life situation.

It is important to understand that all hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis. In a session YOU are always in control. Hypnosis allows us to maintain our full awareness and simultaneously place focused attention on that which we may choose to change or modify in our individual self expression or life situation. One would employ a Hypnotist to serve only as a guide or an external support system that will assist you in cultivating the ability to take back your power over your life.That being said, you are never given suggestions that are not agreed upon before the session. You will be compassionately assisted to support your best self into being along with a life filled with inspired expectations. Employing a Transformational Coach with a strong background in Hypnosis increases your likelihood of sucess in that the primary focus is your individualized Transformation!