Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching provides an opportunity to bring into expression one`s full potential. Anyone seeking to take charge of their life experience would benefit from the service of a Transformational Coach.Through this practice one builds an empowering self awareness that will assist with the enhancement of any area of life you may choose to address. Areas such as the modification of outmoded behaviors, supporting newly desired behaviors, to cultivating a practice for creative expression, to name a few.

This coaching format supports an unfolding of the deepest yearnings of the self,considering the perspective that every individual has come into this life with a unique intention, purpose, or gift to experience and express. This approach to coaching is evocative rather than directive. It encourages self actualization by nurturing into being qualities, latent talents, and unrealized creative expression that may have laid dormant for years, in a safe and supportive environment. In addition it assists in developing the the practice of thought monitoring, a type of mindfulness, that allows for the uncovering and dissolution of limiting thought patterns and beliefs that inhibit a desired outcome. The cultivation and development of such a practice invites deliberate participation in creating a desired life experience designed and created with aware intention and choice.

For those exploring a deeper level of being, Transformational Coaching includes the perspective that we are so much more than we may be aware of. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Multidimensional, in that we exist as part of a macrocosm that is connected to or an expression of an infinite intelligence beyond our ability to truly define. It is not religious in nature, but rather a spiritual belief system that is in actuality supported scientifically by the study of Quantum Physics.Should this be within the client`s belief system,Transformational Coaching can assist with the development of a skill set that will allow the assistance of a broader aspect of self. An inner support system of guidance, if you will, in which intuition when properly developed, plays an active role in the life experience. One learns to respect a sixth sense along with the five senses we accept as a fundamental part of who we are and perhaps a more accurate depiction of who we are as human beings.