Your life is an expression of your most habitual thought. The mind being a most remarkable creative instrument, is preoccupied with continuous thought forms. This apparent random mind chatter keeps us distracted and inhibits our ability to utilize the mind as a tool to support a life experience that is cultivated by inspired intention. A life that is molded by preference.

The practices offered here at InVision are intended to assist in cultivating the ability to live life with conscious intention. A fulfilling life you would choose to live through developing the practice of thought monitoring. In other words, we learn to become discerning in regards to the the thoughts we allow ourselves to have our focused attention. Here you are given the opportunity to cultivate this necessary discernment that will provide the means through which old, disabling outmoded thought patterns, that are perhaps embedded subconsciously, inhibit our ability to utilize the mind as a supportive tool effectively. With practice one can cultivate an awareness of habitual thought patterns and through this awareness become selective of the thoughts that support a life designed by choice rather than by default.

Herein lies the opportunity to discover that you are so much more than you perceive yourself to be. Through this practice you will come to realize you are much more powerful than you could have imagined...